Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 9 Morning

Saturday morning- The doctors started taking MikeyD off all sedation last night. He is kicking like a mule when he wakes up. He has gained the use of his lower body from the hips down. He does not have use of his arms yet from the attack so he tries to compensate with his legs. He has been trying to get out of bed by throwing his legs over the bars on the side of the bed. He can respond by shaking his head but still cannot talk. We need to pray to God for recovery of his speech, upper body strength, arm movement and control. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers, it reminds us in hard times that people care and it means a lot to us.

Please keep posting.
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  1. Way to go MikeyD! That awesome! A little at a time is all we can expect. Pretty soon you will just sit up and start a conversation with everyone. We know how strong you are and are proud of how far you have come already. Keep it up!

    Love and prayers - the Glenn's

  2. As hard as it sounds, that still is good news--less medical assistance needed and he understands!! Step by step, think of how far he's come in a week! Focus on the positive!!! The Benigno Family

  3. Positive thoughts and prayers are always with you. Thinking about you every day and praying for you every day.

    The Tucci Family

  4. Great progress today, Mikey. We're so proud of you!! We send our love and prayers for more good news tomorrow. Keep fighting...don't ever give up.

    Ken, Mary and Will

  5. I'm so proud of you Mikey. One day at a time bro...and remember that you have the best parents in the world...and that your Uncle Ken loves you !!!

  6. Just came from the Adoration Chapel..sitting with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament..praying and praying and praying..Please Lord let each day bring more healing...Heal Mikey completely... Mikey we are all with you...we are fighting this fight with you..we are praying you well...our prayers and our hearts are reaching out to you...Please Lord let Mikey feel them..Let him feel your healing touch and Please Lord guide the hands of those who are caring for Mikey and wipe the tears off Mom and Dads eyes...Be with the whole family..We love all of you and we will not stop praying

  7. I've been trying to post and I'm not sure if it's working but I keep trying. We check the blog every day and think of you guys soooo often. Mike is being feisty now which is good. Our thoughts and prayers are so with you.

    The Lippert's

  8. We pray that the Lord will continue his healing powers over Mikey....any progress, although not fast enough for us , is still PROGRESS....KEEP IT UP MIKEY ....YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! And so can you Mike and Moya....we are all there in spirit with you...STAY STRONG

  9. Our family has beem praying for you, Mikey since we heard the news last Saturday. You are doing great. Keep fighing hard.

    The Broadhurst's

  10. hey hey hey mikey d keep fighting hard you ball hog! :)


  11. Mike,Maire,
    We pray that the Holy Spirit keep you and your family strong, and patient. That Mikey D continue to heal. We pray for a full recovery of speech, uppper body movement, control, and most of all peach for Mikey D. That he can not only hear you and Maire, but understand that he is recovering and in good hands. Matthew 8:8
    The centurion replied, "Lord, I do not deserve to have you come under my roof. But just say the word, and my servant will be healed." (NIV)

  12. We are still praying for you Mikey! Always in our thoughts!

  13. mike stay with us and keep fighting you are in our thoughts and prayers

  14. Dear Mike, Moye, Julia, Ciara and Mikey,

    You have ALL been in our prayers constantly!! Your strength and outreach to friends and family during this difficult time is empowering and so much appreciated!! We can't even begin to tell you how much it means to everyone that you set up this blog so that all of your family and friends may be a part of Mikey's recovery! The power of prayer and unification is immeasurable!!! ALWAYS know that we are here for you and that God is with you!!!

    We continue to pray that Mikey regains his speech and upper body movement! Seeing what he is now doing with his lower half (compared to just a few days ago)shows us how strong he is and what a fighter he is!!!

    Hey there Mikey! We have known you since you were just a little "tot" and no doubt through the years you have proved what a WINNER you are and how much you love to win! This challenge you are facing right now is your biggest "game" ever!!! Keep on fighting the fight!!! Go for the "swoosh" of the basketball net! Hit the baseball out of the "ballpark"! Catch and run that football down the field into the endzone for a "touchdown"
    so you can do your "victory" dance! You have the BIGGEST cheering section rooting for you now more than ever before!!!
    GOOOOOO Mikey D!!!!

    With all our love and prayers,
    Mr. and Mrs. Hilfiker, China, Will and Harris xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. The Torrisi families are pulling for MikeyD. He is in our dinner discussions and daily prayer, as are the rest of the Doherty family. Hopefully we will continue to see him improve this week. Rob Torrisi